Why You Need to Have Oil Paintings for Your Pictures

As a matter of fact, oil paints have been used for hundreds of years. However, oil paints have not disappointed for that long. Instead, many artists continue to use these paints in their artistic works. What makes artists love oil paints is their durability as well as steadfast color. Usually, oil paints are made of a binder, pigments as well as thinner. However, turning your photo into painting with oil painting is usually the best option 
Usually, painting remains a hobby for many people. To get more info, click Paint Your Life.  Actually, greatest masterpieces in history are obtained from the artwork. Although there are many types of paints available, oil paint still remains the best choice. Paint Your Life, however, give their customers a unique way of personalizing their photos which they can give to their loved ones as gifts or decorate their offices or homes. 

Artists usually have varying reasons why they choose oil paints for their artistic work. For instance, oil painting provides great versatility. This is because oil paints can be opaque but they can as well be thinned to various transparent levels using solvents. However, Paint your Life is a great choice when you want turn photo into painting. Therefore when you want turn your picture into painting, there following are some of the reasons you need to consider oil painting

Oil paints have longer drying time. 
The longer drying time is often an advantage. Even when drying agents are added they do not usually dry faster. As a result, it becomes possible to correct any error that might occur. To learn more about Oil Paintings, click here. At the same time, the artists do not have to work on the painting work in a rush to avoid drying off. Instead, it can be left for some hours or even wait until the next day to continue working on it and the paint will still remain pliable. Therefore, oil paintings services become a great choice when you want your picture turned into painting. 

 Realistic transitions.
Since oil paints take longer to dry, there is usually enough time to allow color transitions. As a result, the artist will get an opportunity to continue working on coloring shades that might be difficult to detect. This gives an opportunity to revise or alter the concept without beginning afresh. 

 No color Shift
Usually, water paints will experience color shift as they dry. However, this is not the case with oil paintings. This is because the color of oil paints remain as they were applied and do not shift in color as they dry. This is why you need to consider Paint Your Life for your oil paintings. Learn more from   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj99v9O6zRc.